Friday, April 1, 2011

Night Moves...End of an Era

It is my last evening of night float. Remember when I said I liked it? I lied. I still like that I meet more people lurking the desolate halls in the evening time than when I’m lurking the packed halls during the day. But, I’m tired. I went from getting up after a few hours, going for runs in the park, getting errands done, having lunch dates…to, well, sleeping then snoozing then snoozing again then snoozing some more, until I had just enough time to wake up, shower, throw together a PB&J (an old flame I recently re-fell in love with), and walk out the door to work. I’m tired of having breakfast at 6pm and dinner at 2am. The workers at Blimpie’s know me by name now (the only place in the hospital open at 2am). I get the same sandwich with the same drink and three chocolate chip cookies every time. They know the type of chocolate chip cookie I want. I hand pick them out- the bigger, chewier ones (that’s what she said?). And they know to go to the back and get me fresh ones if they just made some, instead of the ones that sit by the register all day. I guess there’s something to be said about being a creature of habit (and a total brat when it comes to food…and clothes…and sheets…and pillows…and soap….hmm, I digress). But I can't help it. I've been a lover of food from an early age. My favorite "movie" growing up was Cooking with Julia Childs. My parents encouraged me to watch Disney- I watched the same VHS of Julie Childs make the same 12 dishes over and over again. My mom gave me a list of magazines and told me I could pick whichever one I wanted. She pointed out Sesame Street, Highlights...I went with Gourmet Magazine. I tore out the recipes I liked the most and made files...I was seven years wonder the neighbors asked my parents once if I was autistic.

I have gotten to take advantage of the city a little more this past month. I went to the American History Museum this week and saw the Price of Freedom exhibit as well as Julia Childs kitchen re-created...amazing! I also saw the exhibit about the history of birth control…did you know that it originally came from a root? And, did you know that the government used to try to push birth control on certain populations to curb the procreation of poor, uneducated people? [un-pc comment not inserted here]. I’ve been having lunch dates. LS and I even went to happy hour…because we actually got out of the hospital in time to make it to one. Of course the bar recommended to us that we went to didn’t even have happy hours specials -thanks RR ;) . It’s funny how everyone in this city has this “job” that they can kind of tell you what it is they do, but they can’t tell you too much because it’s “with the government” or a “breach of security.” I decided I was going to leave it vague too:
Cheesy guy to me and LS: “So what is that that you two do?”
AZ: “We work at Washington Hospital Center.”
CG: “So, you two are nurses?” (Of course)
LS: “No we’re doctors.”
CG: “Ha, yeah right, so you mean you’re the secretaries that write the notes for doctors?”
AZ: “I prefer executive administrative assistant, thank you.” (What’s the point of clarifying?)

[I prefer this example- recycled from my days in San Antonio.]
CG: “So what is it that you do?”
AZ: “I’m a dolphin trainer.”
CG: [look of confusion] “Really, where?”
AZ: “Well, I just moved here from San Antonio and used to work at the Sea World there. I recently moved here to work with dolphins for the government.”
CG: [look of greater confusion] “What?”
AZ: “Dolphins are actually very violent, but highly trainable creatures. They eat 7-10 pounds of fish per day. We are training them and beginning to use them in some counter-terrorist activities.”
CG: “Wow that’s crazy.” (People are more likely to believe I’m a dolphin trainer than a doctor…sad…)

Well I’m going to go get my daily dose of chocolate chip cookies! I start thoracic surgery tomorrow, which I’m really excited about. I got my first dose last night when I was in a seven hour thoracics case that finished at 2am. I’m not sure if I liked it because the case was so cool or because the doctor I was working with was a total lunatic and I couldn't stop psychoanalyzing him. Don’t worry, I got a whole blog dedicated to him coming up. And, of course, it will be really nice to re-enter the world of the living and temporarily lay to rest my vampire lifestyle.

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