Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm sitting on my balcony in Athens, overlooking the Acropolis. Lindsay and Chris are coming into town today, and we are going to have our own rooms, hallelujah!! Yesterday, I was feeling pretty cranky and homesick, tired of sharing rooms with snoring strangers and taking showers in tiny closets. As I sit on my private balcony and look out at the pantheon, eagerly awaiting the arrival of familiar faces, I am feeling very rejuvenated.

My roommates in my Paris hostal were two girls from Poland. I told them I was part Polish and threw out the few words I remembered my grandmother teaching me. They then asked me what my last name was, and I tried to pronounce it in Polish, "Zoobovsky," that way i thought i remember my grandparents saying it. However, they looked at me really confused, so I wrote it down. "Ohh! Zoobovich. What you cant even pronounce your own surname?" I tried to explain that in English, it sounded nothing like that, but they were having none of it. After a few mroe minutes of friendly banter, I was promised a free place to stay and tour guides if I ever came to Poland, and I promised them the same in DC. Before leaving, we exchanged emails and will obviously be life-long facebook friends.

Quote of the day: "Let's see some ancient shit so we can get and iced coffee and take a nap." -LD

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